Email Marketing - SalesForce Interworking Service Description

This service is to support email marketing campaigned implemented with services. Other services we support are interworking support the the export of customers to Sales force “lightening service”

  • Customer number (record owner)

  • Billing Name

  • Billing Address, city, state, zip code

  • Phone and fax

  • Contact

  • Email (billing email1)

  • Customized fields - Program any of the data to export on a case by case. Customization costs apply

Access and usage training of is the responsibility of  TAC on Line is considered book e.g. holds the valid copy of the data.

Setup and costs:

  • Supply administrative login and password to Clear computing to manage import

  • Costs

    • One time Setup fee of 195.00

    • One time configuration fee 295.00, includes first import (requires admin user login and password)

    • Each additional update is 195.00 per update

    • Monthly is 19.95

    • Customized programming costs 595.00/field

The inter working is supported as follows:

  1. Configuration and Full import of existing customers

  2. Update of all customers and addition of any new customer details, e.g email, phone, etc for matching customer name


  • Any additional or different fields require a customization and are quoted separately

  • Email campaigns require customer contact and email to exist on customer master

  • Contact records are only created during the initial add. Updated do not create contact for previously imported accounts. Only new accounts

  • TAC over writes sales on updates

Email Marketing Support

TAC On Line supports in support of email marketing campaigns. The critical feature needed is when an email address has unsubscribed to a marketing email, No further emails will be sent.  If not the sender has significant liability for every email sent. Please google “liability email spam” to get an up to date list of sites discussion the issue.