Designed to give full access to all data entry so they can manage customer records and manage production control documents e.g. Work orders, standing orders, service stops, etc. so they can maintain all records from any location on any device

Designed for the following markets and business activity

  1. Trusted sales person
  2. Sewer and drain
  3. Owner Operator
    1. Septic
    2. Black Oil
    3. Yellow Oil
    4. Grease

Customer Records Management

  • Add, Delete, Change and Show all categories.

    • Customer

    • Service Site

    • Customer Notes

    • Site Notes

    • Equipment

    • Standing orders

    • Work orders

    • Service stops

    • Line charges

    • Invoices

    • Payments

  • Invoices and Proposals

    • Create proposals

    • Create and Pay invoices

  • Dispatch Boards both view and edit (Grid and calendar mode)

    • F2 Unit availability (coming soon)

    • F3 Standing orders

    • F4 work order

    • F5 Service Stops