Unit availability F2 - Current and Future date

Unit availability give you a tool to find out how much unit inventory is available now and at a future dates. To use just press F2 and click search button. Immediately a grid will display a list of all units and under the opening free inventory for that unit all open work orders for Deliveries and pickups and next to each work order detail is an updated available unit inventory count


Which units Should use this feature

Units that you carry limited inventory and are placed on service locations for a short  period. Examples are:

  • Trailers
  • Speciality units 
    • Wedding
    • Units for event staff
    • Home party 
  • Locked tanks
  • Monitored unit, etc.
  • Roll offs 
  • Fuel tanks
  • None disposable medical containers
  • Storage trailers

How to Use

Units placed on service location are immediately removed from inventory and reduce the opening unit availability.  Each Delivery work order reduces available units and each pickup  adds to the unit count.  Each work order has a check box "Dispatched".  Leave this unchecked for both the delivery and the pickup work until the unit is picked up. Then check both the Pickup and the delivery at the same time and it is removed from the list.  

Delivery work order: on the date of the delivery the available units are reduced. Once units assigned, then starting inventory is reduced so that when work order is closed counts are correct

Pickup Work Order: on the date of the pickup the available units are reduced. Once units picked up from site, then starting inventory is increased so that when work order is closed counts are correct

Short Term Rental (Special event): A delivery and pickup work order is created. Both are maintained open e.g. dispatched not checked. Once teh Pickup is made, the delivery and pickup are both checked as dispatched and unit counts display correctly

The drivers using the Web Service tablet can update the status of the work order as completed for the Pickup so you can verify from the work order Dispatch board that the unit(s) have been delivered.