Version 881 

Three changes as in this update:

  • F2 Unit availability 
  • Customer and site statements
  • Sales reporting by market type

F2 Unit Availability Forecasting - 

This feature takes existing open inventory and takes on open work orders, e.g. Dispatched check box not checked, and updates available inventory count by subtracting all deliveries and adding back into inventory all pickups and prints the available inventory as of the schedule dates on the work orders

These feature has been enhanced to work across all type of stations

  • Web Stations
    • Sales
    • Business Intelligence Dashboard
    • Order taker
    • Dispatcher
  • TAC on Line 
    • Order taker
    • Dispatch
  • TAC On Line Enhanced

Statements (Site and Customer) - Enhanced to include PO Number

The site work order is populated on the invoice at time of creation. Some customer pay off of a statement rather then an invoice. This requires th presence of the PO number on the statement to make procession easier.  This releases prints the PO Number on both site and customer statements

Sales report Correction - Market category

Reports \ Financial \ Sales report - Reports 11 and 12 

  • Reports 11 - Sales by Market Type
  • Report 12 - Sales by Market type with drill down by type unit

Reported different categories for market type. They now both report the same as follows:

If market type is present on the line charge, it is used. IF the market type is blank, the market type currently assigned to the site is used no mater when the invoice was generated. Previously the market type if blank, was reported as blank