The Alpha Web Service is available for testing.  The login issue has been resolved. Known issues are:

Service stop list - mark as complete and add note

On iPad:  Tried to set status and add note. Clicked save.  Page did not change,  then finally got server stopped responding message.

When I went back to service stop list, I saw the status was updated and the note was there.  Possibly the server got hung up at end of this processing, trying to set gps location.

Failed: Page still not responding and then got server not responding message.

10.18.2016 ms

Failed again 10.22.2016


Setting GPS location

Never got the request to use location on safari when logging in


10.18.2016 ms

Failed again 10.22.2016


Map location after service stop update

Map location did not update to iPad location.

Failed again 10.22.2016


Site Set GPS location button

Resulting lat and long of site is not set and google map is solid blue.




10.18.2016 ms

Failed again 10.22.2016


Email of work order after signed.

  1. To address field filled with white space, cursor at end.

  2. Site email addresses shown in text could not be copied.

  3. Even after typing valid email address, and clicking Send button, no email was received.  

  1. Ok

  2. Ok

  3. Fails to send email

10.18.2016 ms Failed again 10.22.2016


Signed work order Page.

Page shown afterwards WO/ShowSignWODetails  has a close link that is inactive.

So you can't close the window

Close link active but server timed out

Failed 10.18.2016


Failed again 10.22.2016


Map button on work order list

Map does not open when clicked 10.18.2016

Map opens, but wrong map. Not displaying work orders, I think it is displaying the service stops instead.

Failed 10.22.2016