Web Service Enhanced - Alpha release available for testing

We have release the Web Service station Enhanced for general testing.  THis release is intended to match the current features and add the following

  • Speed, Speed Speed. Sub 3 second responses, with typical sub 1 second response times 
  • Translate button into many many many languages

Both Production and Alpha are available.

Contact live support to activate for your company. Use the following URL. All entries are REAL. Please contact Live support with any issues

eservice.acctportal.com  - Direct link

Issues reported by Alpha Testing - These issues will be repaired in next update

Setting GPS location

Never got the request to use location on safari when logging in

Map location after service stop update

Map location did not update to iPad location.

Site Set GPS location button

Resulting lat and long of site is not set and google map is solid blue.

Email of work order after signed.

  1. To address field filled with white space, cursor at end.

  2. Site email addresses shown in text could not be copied.

  3. Even after typing valid email address, and clicking Send button, no email was received.  

Signed work order Page.

Page shown afterwards WO/ShowSignWODetails  has a close link that is inactive.

So you can't close the window

Sign on saves password

Failed to save username or password

Need to remove what’s new

New request

Show work order site

Tabs missing on site view.  See image

Service stops map

Missing stop numbers - See image

Service stop list search

Search for text in search box - doesn’t have effect on list

Service Stop List - mark complete

Click right-hand button to say work is complete.  New version (1) No OK button (2) Save button click has no effect

Show service stop site

Tabs missing on site view.  Just like work order site.