Check your Internet Speed - It is not just local anymore

Local Area Networks (LAN) are no longer just local.  They have become highways for all levels of service. Each part needs to be check
  • PC configuration
    • Memory, cpu and disk
    • anti virus software
    • Local usage programs
  • Connector to the cable going to the local swich
  • Connector at the switch
  • Switch it self
  • Connection to the cable modem
  • Cable modem
  • Service quality and rating form Internet Service Provider (ISP)

 This process helps identify how the LAN is being used and find and fix any over usage or bottlenecks

Summary of items to be checked

  1. Lan equipment

    1. Are all you stations connected a 1 G

    2. Is you LAN switch 1G. (make model) If more than 2 yrs or multi-speed replace

  2. Check stations for memory or processor exhaust

    1. Windows 64 bit machine only have 4 gig of memory

    2. Processor over 70 % due to virus or usage patterns

  3. Other uses

    1. Do you use video camera connected via LAN

    2. Do you use Voip via LAN

    3. Icons in lower right hand corner with automatic video downloads and news alerts

  4. ISP Service Provider

    1. Who is your ISP provider

    2. What service level are you paying for?

    3. May need to check your statement and require calling customer service. (statement does not list actual service levels)

  5. Anti Virus Software

    1. What anti virus software running and does it run operational hours

    2. Does anti virus scan internet traffic

Tools to help Resolve Problem

Processor and memory utilization on Window

Use the task manager for the version of windows you are running.  Typical cpu for an unloaded pc is 3-6 %. Memory utilization around 2G.  Leave pc alone and it changes more then likely some hidden process or infection is present

ISP Tester

To to check speed and quality of service. Many times purchased service does not match implemented service. In addition the quality of the connection, jitter, can cause excessive delay. Easily repaired once identified

Megacom speed test link:

Do you have any windows 10 machine on your network. Many free software that tracks people using music, video, etc that can load the internet by time of day

Identify slowness pattern

Please have one person keep a note with date, time of day, what they were doing when slow e.g. 9/22 10:12 am - print invoice

Step by Step Testing

Following is a testing checklist. Typically the results of each step effects other steps




Local switch

More than 2 years old and multi speed

Replace typically <50.00

Check PC memory and cpu

Run task manager to see if cpu and memory exhaust

Should run on one pc and others if any positive finding. Visus move from machine to machine over local area network

Check ISP service level

Run megapath tester

Check service level paying for

Check anti virus setting

Look for real time checking of local desk and internet monitoring

This can really slow down everything

Other applications using LAN

Camera, voip, weather , video, music, etc


High jitter on a pc vs others

Local cabling needs to be repaired\replaced

Typical Finding

The following is a list of finding in order of most likely issue we have found

  1. The isp test shows high (>5 jitter reading) This is usually the case of bad grounding or loss connections.  Run this test every 15 minutes or 30, only takes 2 min, and provide to isp provider. This has always results in a technical visit and correction of the symptom. HIgh jitter make the connection stop and retransmitted up to 6 times to attempt to correct.  Can be weather and time of day peak effect.

  2. PC’s not having enough memory. E.g. 64 bit windows and only have <= 4G of memory

  3. Infection that uses cpu and memory putting the pc into swapping, Delay and slow recovery as the pc manages the memory

  4. Other services are running on LAN. Big offenders are video camera, VOIP phone service. These service grap band with off of the internet and LAN in large junks. Many are keyed to events, meaning they are not running until a camera senses motion of a phone is picked up.  Goot indicates is when measure upload and download changes at different times

  5. The WIFi is accessed by ipads and iphones that are playing videos, music and streaming on personal devices, but still using shared company internet access. Suggest you password compnay WIFI and change every few months to limit usage.

  6. Bad cabling to individual pc. See higher jitter on one pc vs another. Solution replace cable to switch of have connection box fixed in wall

  7. Time of day slowness. In some industrial parks or neighborhood that use shared facilities there is not enough fcilites to handle the peak hour(s) usage. Once identified, ISP easily fixes by allocating more capacity to handle the load

  8. Users playing movies, running real time news updates and some music videos

  9. White list filtering for email servers

Nice Overview Video on Increasing your internet speed. Well paced and covers several good topics:
  • Cabling
  • Add ons
  • We prefer Megacom speed test because it reports on quality (jitter) of the service