TAC Enhanced

TAC enhanced is is the next generation that brings many new features and capabilities. It is available at the same time as TAC so you can get the benefits of both. It will be released over the next several months. All data is real on both TAC and TAC Enhanced and you are free to use both. Features such as:

F7 shortcut key works to bring up search

The first Feature will be the F7 search:  Video Link on grid usage


  • Fast, very fast
  • Friendly names
  • Google like search
  • Turn filter on off (check box lower left corner)
  • Column level searches including equals, less then, more then , includes, starts with, etc
  • Clear all filters
  • Edit filter (lower right hand corner (support only for now)
  • Group By - unlimited
  • Export (Excel, Excel 2007,PDF,HTML, CSV)
  • Manage grid

    • Column chooser
    • Multiple column layouts
    • Unlimited column grouping
    • User by user grid layout
    • Colors
  • Much much more

The first release includes
  • New desktop Icon
  • Login screen
  • Main menu
  • F7 - search customer and sites, and lookup by individual invoices number, work orders number, rental units serial , etc.

We will be making minor updates each week and publish news letters detailing new capabilities