Service Support for TAC Configurations

Clear Computing provides a support service, with a fully-staffed office, that includes:

  • Training

  • Support

  • Business practices

  • Regular product enhancements

Supporting our software running on your computers and networks has become more and more complex over the years, as we troubleshoot issues that affect the PCs that run your business. Clear Computing maintains the knowledge, skills and staffing to handle a large range of issues to keep companies productive.  

We get calls that that something is wrong with our software and find your computers are affected by:

  • New technology that is affecting local applications, e.g., VOIP, security cameras, streaming media

  • Unsupported versions of Windows.

  • Aging equipment

  • Local PCs under attack by viruses or ransomware

  • Local PCs running many programs competing for resources at the same time, such as Mail, Office, browsers with multiple tabs, multiple antivirus programs that update nightly.

Our mission at Clear Computing is to provide the best product to help our customers be competitive and more profitable.  To do this, we continuously put improvements into TAC to support your business. The models of doing business are changing as well.  Anywhere, anytime access is now standard, along with voiceless, paperless operations.  

Q and A

Q: Why do I have to pay for support?

A: We maintain a full staff of trained and qualified support people in both computer technology and waste industry operations expertise, so there’s no learning curve when you call.  In addition, we continually improve and enhance TAC so you can take advantage of the latest business practices to keep your company productive and profitable, e.g., paperless operations, integrated credit cards as principal form of payment, mobile apps and more.

Q: What alternatives do I have in the way I purchase Clear Computing software and support?

A: Clear Computing supports multiple implementations to support our customers’ business operations.  



Cloud back office


Cloud web stations (Sales, Service, BID, Order Taker)


Single user premises

Full Site Support or Incident-based

Multiple user, client server on premises

Full Site Support or Incident-based

We offer alternatives and recommendations, and we always respect your choice.

Q: What do you get with Clear Computing Service Support?

A: Our customer support is without equal.  Here are some of the many ways we support you every day:

  • Staff changes - retraining

  • Companies that have grown after many years of using TAC and have not updated computer or networking resources, requiring us to troubleshoot and identify specific technical bottlenecks that the local technical support just are not skilled in.

  • Additional training on business practices and the use of our software for clients seeking to improve their business operations.

  • Identifying new technology that is affecting local applications

    • VOIP

    • Yard Cameras

    • Security alarms

    • Security cameras

    • Web based applications e.g. moving, music, GPS

  • Supporting multiple version of Windows. Microsoft is moving to online and hardening Windows 10 and unsupporting all other versions of Windows.  Many PCs have been upgraded from various OS systems which makes each PC unique. Not all Windows 10 machines are the same.

  • Aging equipment

  • Local technical support is getting hard to find as smartphones and tablets replace PCs

  • Local networks have grown in complexity

    • DNS

    • Exchange

    • Etc.

  • Local PCs under Attack

    • Ransomware

    • Virus

  • Local PCs running many programs at the same time competing for resources as they refresh in place

    • Mail

    • Office

    • Multiple spreadsheets and documents

    • Multiple browser tabs

    • Multiple antivirus programs that update nightly