Work order based Invoicing

Companies issue  a work order for to service a customer. When the driver arrives at the location he/she updates the work order for the actual work completed.  For smaller companies the drier develops the cost of the service and might collect a check or a credit card payment in the field. typically this is not done in most companies because of the many issues associated with driver handling monies

  • Driver loaded costs are typically the highest  in any industry typically $75.00 to $200.00 an hour. Using $100.00/hr as an average. So if a driver takes 30 minutes to finalize the work costs you pay an additional $50.00 to your costs.
  • Lost productivity time of the driver 4 jobs a day can cost you 2 hr or 25% of your productivity
  • Open opportunity for theft 
  • Many companies have to maintain after hour office operations to handle close out of work orders
The bottomline is it is better to have the back office invoice and handle collections and keep the truck in production.

Fastest way to invoice work orders
The idea is to:
  • Minimize clicking around to process any work order
  • Check status of work order:
    • Dispatched
    • Work description updated 
    • Work has been completed
    • All coding has been completed e.g. driver, rae codes, etc
  • Make sure all work orders are processed

We recommend you the F4 - Work order dispatch board to convert work orders to line charges and invoices.

Step-By-Step Using F4-Work order Dispatch Board

1. Press F4 and set he following search option
  • Schedule date to the date range being worked, e.g. today, yesterday, last seven days
  • Check radio selection for dispatch or all so you ae viewing only work orders that need processing
  • Select route, etc so the screen list matches the paper wok order you are processing
    • If you are using web service tablets you can group on work order status that is set when the driver completes the work

2. Select a work order to be converted (Left click on row)
3. Right click and select "Convert work order to line charges"
4. Complete the line charge form (leave pending or convert to an invoice and process invoice eg. pay with cc on file  and email)
5. F4 will refresh with a check box on work order selected as invoiced
6. Repeat for next work order