Advanced Unit Pricing

Advanced unit pricing are tools you can use manage pricing of units for a site or a customer with multiple sites with a minimum of clerical effort.

Link to overview video on Advanced Pricing


Below is a example with images you can print and mark-up for your personal use.

Please review the knowledge base article and video on  Price Books   Before continuing!!!

Tools to use when Assigning units

When assigning rental unit(s) there are additional pricing option on the right side of the form. See image below:

  • Price as Existing unit on site – (pretty self-explanatory) except it only matches for the exact unit type. In this case if there were another HC unit it would match the pricing of that unit.  

  • Price as same on any site for customer – This is one of my favorite features. It allows me to keep consistent Pricing for a specific customer. For example: Do it right construction has an agreed upon price with us of $75.00 per cycle for construction units. (My Regular pricing is $85.00). When assigning a construction unit to a new location I can easily make sure they have their pricing applied by using this option. You can always double check after clicking assign units by then clicking on the remove edit units tab. This shows all units currently assigned for that site.
  • Manual price entry – allows you to launch the price entry form and set the pricing to whatever was agreed upon for this job
  • Update service stops – this will increase the units serviced count in the service stops. 

    Tools when setting \ reviewing Prices on a unit

    Bulk Site Price Change by Unit type – Super Easy!!!

    This will change the price for all units of the same type on any one site or for all sites for an entire customer. In this example we are using site 1 which has 9 regular units assigned.

    In one action we can change the price and interval. Double click on one of the R units and place into edit mode.

    Here is the image you will see and a step by step

    • Update the price and interval

    • Check the bullet to price match other units to this unit –site and hit save.

    • All of the R unit prices and intervals will update

    • If you select the customer bullet it will change this pricing and interval for all units for that Customer that are type R.

    You can now review the units and the prices have all changed