Price Books

Link to video on Overview for Price Books

Below is a example with images you can print and mark-up for your personal use.

Back Ground

Pricebooks are used for Quick, consistent and easy way of pricing Equipment that can be assigned to a specific Job site. This way all units assigned will have the same pricing breakdown and paper books are needed. You enter a unit into inventory that has a serial number that is made up of two parts

  • Prefix - type of unit the price is to be applied to
  • Suffix - optional that can be used to specific service interval, county codes, etc.

So an ADA unit with once a week servicing would be ADA1W.. The type of unit is maintained in in Reference File #7
(Admin>> References>> # 7)

The image below shows where to access 07.

Once you open reference file 07 you will see also be an entry for pricebook and unit type HC. (handi Cap). In the video and example we will add a price book for Handi Capped unit.

Adding a price Book

To add a pricebook we first have to navigate to : Inventory >>Rental and click add new from the lower portion of the page.

Then follow the following to add a new unit to inventory that is the price book

  • The serial number field (????????) will need to have the exact unit type code with additional descriptive features for example: Unit type = HC with additional characters describing the service interval 1W. That combination would make the code HC1W.

  • The type of unit will be PRICEBOOK.

  • Set the interval to 1W once per week.

  • Configure the pricing according to your guidelines.  See the below Example

  • Now when assigning units from the site you will be able to select the appropriate price book from the lower grid portion of the form