Web Sales

The basic business objective is to empower the people who handle sales to have all the access they need 7x24 to so they can service your customers with little or no impact on on your office operations.  The idea is you can bring on outside sales people and give them low cost access so they can be productive without the cost and overhead of a internal desk, etc. 

This allows you to expand your sales funnel and try out people with Web stations so there is no delay in coming up to speed. Since they can work form any location on any device this expands the candidates for being your sales person to anyone who has internet.  

Thing your remote sales person can do include:

Can Do

  • Easily find existing customer using Google like search features.
  • Answer Phone calls
  • Do collections
    • Email or print invoices to customer
  • Create proposal

  • Email or print proposals 
    • Keep track of sales contacts via notes
    • Reminders to followup of opportunities
    • Work remotely
    • Limited access with no ability to
      • Export company information
      • Run business reports

    Without having to:
    • Communiting
    • Come into the office
    • Phone calls to back office to get customer information e.g. balances
    • Printing sales reports so they have up to date customer information

    Full listing of features of Web Sales Station Offering: Web Sales Station