Business Case Parts

The web stations ha three cost components. The total is approximalreey $44.00/month IF you look at the time and material costs of printing route sheets (.08 to .10 cents per page plus back office staff and driver time in producing and distributing the tablet pays for it self and adds new capabilites to better run your business that can generate added revnue and lower costs. Link to Why Replace Route Sheets

  1. Tablet
  2. Internet access or ISP costs
  3. Clear computing Station costs

Tablets Costs ($1.00/week)
Tablet costs are typically around $250.00 and can be sold after 2 years on amazon for about 40% of the purchase price. JUst keep the original box and paperwork.  The tablet is an expense items to the tax saving of 30% is a good rule of thumb leaving $100.00 cost of tablet for 2 years or $50.00/year.or $4.16/month or about $1.00 / week.   The tablet is the least expensive item and we recommend using Apple or Samsung latest models. Each model has improved technical abilities (blue tooth, internet access, screen intensity, touch screen sensitivity) that can make its use inthe fields a lot easier. Given he low cost, it is best to get one of the two manufactures that has over 70% of the market share.

Internet Costs ($5.00/week)
The tablet application is you used google mapping for every stop on a 50 stop route would use about 1/4 G of data per month . So 1 one gig data plan should handle typical usage patterns.  We also recommend purchasing a lock down service form your provider that stops the tablet usage in only authorized web sites (typically $2.00 to $3.00/month).  For internet only access $20.00 / month typically buys 2-4G of data and in shared group plans the cost per user can be significantly lower then $20.00/month. 

We recommend a worst case planning of $20.00/month is that you may want to use other applications that have data requirements like Street Eagle and emailing service confirmations.

Clear computing License Costs ($5.00/week)
The web Service stations cost $19.95/month plus 10% for support or approximately $22.00/month or about $5.00/week or $1.00/day