Customer Portal Reduce back office Costs

Customer portal is a logon link usually in upper right hand corner of a company's web site that give access to your customs Seven days a  week 24 (7x24) hours a day.  It opens the door to new, more profitable ways of running your business.


This is now the new standard of doing business because it save for both you and your customer. It replaces the 

  • long hold times on the phone
  • Endless prompts to get to any information about your account
  • Switching between extensions to get the the right person
  • Each 15 minute phone call that does not happen avoids $15.00
  • Stops Phone blockage on new customer calls
  • Lowers the effort by your customer to make a purchase
  • Easier, Faster and Cheaper for everyone

Look around and you will find almost every line of business is offering their customers access, even Dunkin Donuts.

Customer Portal - Can do the following

  • 7x24 access to get questions answered
  • Make a payment
  • Copy of an invoice
  • Place an order 
  • Request a change in service
  • Check their customer information
  • Check balances and status of each service location for multi location customers

Anything you can do with a phone call you can now handle via a customer portal 

Link detailing our offering   Customer Portal