Why replace route sheets?

Route sheets give the driver the stops they need to service.  Companies either:

  • Zone dispatch and allow the driver(s) to chose order of service in a zone (Yes, some zones are serviced by multiple drivers and they work as a team)
  • Route with stop order controlled by driver
  • Route with stop order controlled by office with and without driver input on stop order

Service routes have been distributed to drivers via paper in following forms
  • Route cards placed in a route book
  • Excel print out
  • Printed route sheets by day
Paper has limitations because it is a one way trip. A paperless (electronic) solution or Web Service Station can do the following that paper routes cannot. 

Web Service - Paperless Route Sheets can do the following
  • Switch a route to a driver without having him come into the shop to get the route sheet\book to cover truck failure
  • Keep back office updated as each service route stop or work order is completed
  • Mid-day billing for completed work vs waiting until end of day and over-time hours
  • Drivers can change stop numbers in the field so the route is ordered correctly for next use
  • Help replacement drivers with voice and printed Directions-to-Next Stop from current location of driver
  • Set the actual location of the unit (Lat/long) on deliveries and moves, so the next route driver is not lost
  • Send email notification to back office on services that cannot be completed, e.g., blocked units
  • Send email for billing events, e.g., over use, foreign objects in tank, graffiti, etc
  • Send email to customer on successful completion of service
  • Customer signature on work orders
  • Email copy of completed work order with signature to customer
  • History of all driver notes 
  • Assign work order to driver without having them come back to shop, e.g., Pickup, move, etc.
  • Unit level location mapping
  • ...
and the list goes on and on. The bottom line is that using paper, the driver runs your business as soon as they drive through the gate. Paperless keeps the driver and office in real time communication without the heavy time penalty of voice communications and opens the door to new, more profitable ways of running your business because you know more about what is happening.

Emotional benefits of Web Service 

After all the added capability there is a large emotional benefit of using a routing tool like Web Service.

  • Designed so routing is cooperative event with order taker, dispatcher and driver
  • Tool handles 90+ percent of normal services with route recommendation and optimization
  • People can focus on 10% of the issue stops that drain 80% of the profit
  • People can take vacations