Whole Business to the Cloud

To move your business to the cloud you need to implement the following:

  • Service for email and company file management (Google Business, Office 365)
  • File management for personal and local copies of files (Drop box )
  • Accounting (Quick books on line)
  • Phone (VOIP services like 8x8, Ooma, etc.)
  • Optionally
    • Skype text chat and full video for back office 
    • Live chat for customer access for 7x24 order placement and service change requests on your  web site (Provide support )
    • Customer Portal (Make on line payments retrieve invoices and check account status)

Costs are estimates and web sites should be checked for updated prices

  • QuickBooks on line $30.00/month
  • Company email and file management $5.00/month/employee
  • Dropbox (Free)
  • Voip - $20.00/phone/month
  • Optional
    • Skype (Free)
    • Live chat (20.00/moth 3 users)
    • Customer portal (39.95/month)

Use google drive or Office 365 where files are not synchronized with local PC. As files are need they are downloaded into drop box and then uploaded to shared drive services. This protects your company files from infection.

The benefits of moving your whole business to the cloud 

  • Anywhere, anytime access
  • Resolve issues as they occur, minimize delays
  • Real time information minimizes late hours to process day's work and early hours to prepare next day's activity
  • Increased hiring pool 
  • Work at home to help retain value employees
  • 15 to 45% reduction in operational costs (Big dollars)
    • Examples
      • Dispatch work order takes 15 min/work order  x 6 work orders a day = 1.5 hrs/day 18.75% improvement
      • Driver has tools not to get lost 1 hr / week lost driver is $100.00/week = 2.5% improvement
      • Truck out of service. Electronically switch stops to alternate driver. Avoid having driver return to office for route sheets
      • 30% reduction on costs of posting receivables
      • Increased cash flow
      • Savings of minimally $1.65/ invoice emailed vs fold and stuff