Dispatching and Optimization Tools

  • Cloud mapping
  • Route Recommendation
  • Dispatch Board F5
  • Enhanced dispatch Board F5
  • Route calculation
  • Route optimization
  • Lasso tool
  • Route Duplication, deletion and change

Cloud mapping
    • Manually move point
    • Draw on maps
    • Scroll maps out and in
    • Google maps
Route recommendation tool
    • Takes the map location an displays all existing service location order by distance from new stop.
    • Clusters tops to minimize driving time
    • Easy to use , does not require any knowledge of routes, etc
    • 98% confidence that it recommends correct route and stop
  • Service dispatch Board - F5 and enhanced F5

The Dispatch Board F5 
is a grid that can 
  • Display one or several routes at the same time
  • Group and order by any of the columns e.g. zip code, county, township, etc so stops in the same zone even if on different routes or days are all together so you can easy change the route day or number to move the stops onto the same route.  Once saved, these can then be optimized set the new stop order
Enhanced F5 - Cloud only
  • Google search  on any displayed column
  • Expanded column selection and grouping
  • Expanded control on grouping and ordering
  • Export to several formats include (excel, PDF, csv, etc)

Route Calculation

This tool is part of the dispatch station and you can calculate the estimated time it takes to complete a service route. It takes into acocunt unit type, service interval per type unit and travel time. Unit times are set in reference file 07 - type of units

Route Optimization

Like the route calculation tool this option actually changes the stop number order to minimize travel time / cost

Lasso tool

You can actually lasso pinheads and change the assigned route and route day.   Planning should be dsone before using this tool, very powerfull

Route Duplication, Deletion and Change
Bulk duplicate, delete and change routes. Great for making copies  for testing routing alternatives