Alpha Site Master Enhancements Version 859

Enhanced site master Alpha release. Faster, Easier to use, Flexible that give you control over your data.

Open a site master, click on E.Site and go to site or customer notes and give it a try.

GIve it a try

  • Google like search
  • Column filter, sort and grouping
  • Sites notes is ready for Alpha evaluation - Features include
    • Export in 
    • Excel
    • Excel 2007
    • PDF
    • HTML
    • CSV
  • Mange Grid

    • Column Chooser (Add, Remove and order columns
    • Set grid colors - Change row and font colors
    • Save and use multiple layouts

  • Refresh display after each entry and manual refresh
  • Add (popup or in grid layouts)
  • Delete 
  • View expanded layout

  • Enhancements

    • Work order type and Rate code are now mandatory for work order entry. Avoids the problem of using none valid or blank codes
    • F4 now include division code


    • Bulk payment by credit card misapplied sales tax for isolated premises installation
    • Waste report entry field expanded for larger values