Will Call Portable Toilet Service

Will call portable toilet is when a customer owns the unit and calls for service when needed.  Other market segments that are handles the same way are:

Will Call markets

  • Customer Owned and managed
    • Portable toilets
    • Holding tanks
  • Recreational Vehicles at camp sites
  • Dumpster (C& D)


The customer and service setup is the same as a full service customer. The only difference is the information about equipment to be services is either recorded in the 

  • Equipment tab
  • Assigned rental units with a bill through date set into the far future e.g. 12/31/3000
When the customer calls for service, a work order is created and operations completes the service. When the completed work order is updated by the service driver on the web service tablet or manually returned to the office at end of business day, it is converted to a line charge and and invoice emailed