Bulk Billing: process, pay by CC, print & email 28 Day advanced


28 Day anniversary in advance billing is the best method to invoice for services for the following reasons

  • 13 identical invoices so the customer is charges the same amount no matter how many days in the month
  • 7-9% increase in invoicing revenue over 12 invoices/year
  • Minimizes receivables potion
    • Quickly identify none payers
    • Credit cards remove collections
  • No date management - System automatically generates invoices on anniversary. 
  • Invoice throughout the month increasing receivables
  • Paperless so you save:
    • Office time to fold, stuff and mail invoces
    • Posting receivables
    • Cost of printing and mailing invoices e.g $1.65 - $2.45/invoice

When to Invoice

You should minimally invoice once a week. As you compnay  grow you can migrate to 2-5 times a week  

Steps to Follow:
The pdf details the six(6) steps to follow each time you invoice.  

  1. Generate charges - This checks each servicec loation and generates charges for any site that will have a unit on site for 28 days based uponthe close date the the bill through date on the unit
  2. Print pending charges report - This report can be printed in summary or detailed level sop you can quickly review to spot any clerical errors. Good idea to save this report in a folder so you can compare same periods to spot errors. You canedit any of the pending charges generated at this time so that the generated invocces inthe next step is correct.
  3. Generate invoices - This step actually creates the invoices
  4. Bulk pay invoices with credit card on file - automated process that pays 60 invoices in a batch.
  5. Print invoices for customer requiring printed invoice - You may want to add a printed invoce surhcarge to discourage sending paper invoices. 
  6. Email remaining invoices -You can email invoices in two batches
    1. Paid invoices with a thank you note for using your service
    2. Open invoices reminding the customer to pay you as soon as possible