Bulk Unit Add

TAC allows you to have many types of units. Some special features available are:

Separate Type Unit code

Is as a separate 10 character code available in reference file 7 that you can assign to each unit so you can search and assign by this code vs just having to know a serial number. ie : PT, HC, RO or as seen in video RBL - Description = Blue portable restroom 

Serial number is character field

In addition the serial number \ code is a 10 character alpha numeric so it can handle  suffix and prefix coding as required

Price Book

The inventory record can be used as a price book. Simple assign unit type "PRICEBOOK" to the unit and set the serial number to unit type + service code  e.e. 1W one a week service as an example "HR1W". High rise unit with 1W service. The suffix can be a service code, geographical region, etc so you have flexibility is setting price books so service is set with the correct  price with minimal effort

Unit Creation Tools

There are several ways to add unit to inventory to minimize clerical effort and to assure correct serial numbers are available

  • Bulk Units add
  • Unit add single unit at a time
  • While assigning units to a service location, you can also add the serial number to inventory at the same time.

Unit sales Analysis Reports and Dashboards

Knowing which units generate percent of revenue and manage price is always important. TAC offers a series of Sales analysis reports that drill down to the individual line charge so you can quickly see where you revenue comes from what units.  We offer graphical analyses in the Business Intelligence Dashboard 

The following video goes over the quick and easy way you can mange your inventory within the TAC On Line 

Step by step to bulk add serial numbers for a unit type

You want to make sure the unit type exists in reference file 7 first.

1. Admin> database utilities>general

2. Bulk unit add tab

3. Enter unit type

4. Enter serial number range

5. Enter prefix (to help label units)

6. Enter number of units

7. Click add rental units button

Hover mouse over video and click the full screen option in lower right corner for optimum viewing.