Version 854 4/20/2016


The enhanced site display  can be  launch this in any of the enhance dispatch boards 

  1. F3 Standing Orders
  2. F4 Work orders
  3. F5 Services

This is an Alpha release and the first production release is scheduled for 5/4/2016. 

Features include categories of detail information including

  • Invoices
  • Line charges
  • Payments
  • Service stops
  • Equipment
  • Standing Orders
  • Work Orders
  • Site notes
  • Customer notes
  • Service Verification  (Coming soon)


  • When converting work order to line charges the charge line item now increments +1 in order to keep line charges in order of entry
  • Different customized work orders for each division. Previously only one format per compnay was supported
  • Waring message when adding surcharges for customer with 6 digit site numbers