Inventory Management

TAC support a basic inventory management capability. You can create a master inventory item and when processing line item charges update the running balances of the inventory. Reports are available to print a “cardex” for inventory balance and lists of transactions that updated inventory.


Setup to maintain an inventory item called “ITEM01”

  1. Add codes in the following locations

    1. Material Master

    2. Reference file15  (check the box Inventory this rate code

  2. Locations to add codes

    1. Main menu \Inventory \ Material \  Material Master \ Open form and add a new mater item “ITEM01”

    2. Main Menu \ Reference \ Reference file 15

Update inventory

You can update inventory several ways

  • Post a transaction at main menu \ Inventory \ Material \m Material Transaction

  • When creating a line charge using the rate code it will automatically post a usage transaction. A negative usage returns an item to inventory  


There are several material reports available

  1. Main Menu

    1. \ Reports Inventory \ 2. Material \ master listing with running totals

    2. \ Reports \ Inventory \ 3. Material Transactions \ Material Transaction Listing Reports