Production release for Enhanced 

  • F4          - Work Order Dispatch
  • CNTR+F4 - Drag and Drop Calendar
  • F5           -Service Route Dispatch
  • F3           - Standing orders both Grid and Drag and Drop calendar  (4/30/2016)

F4 - Work Order Dispatch

Display Control
  • Routes/resources are remembered between session
  • Window size and location remembered between session
  • Google maps display option colored for invoiced
  • Full grid format banding color control
Expanded editable columns to include
  • Job duration
  • Landfill
  • Start time
  • End time
  • Check box Closed e.g.. invoiced
  • Check box Dispatched
Corrected Column Headers
  • Driver note
  • Invoice note
  • Status

Ctrl + F4 Drag and Drop Calendar

  • Drag and Drop To change time setting start/end 
  • Requires assignment of a UnScheduled work order assigned to a Route e.g "0SCHD"  so they can be dragged and dropped on to an active route
  • Print calendar in five formats
    • Daily Style
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Tri-Fold
    • Calendar detail
    • Memo
  • Display options include
    • Daily
    • Work week
    • Full Week
    • Month
    • Timeline
  • Edit work order within calendar (schedule date, start,stop times and Route
  • Note includes Rate code, Driver note site contact and phone

F5 - Dispatch Service Route

  • Tablet service status Displayed
  • Full grid control colors, banding column chooser, etc
  • Google maps of displayed service stops
  • Stop renumber does note change zero stop numbers

F3- Standing Orders 
Standing order will be released 4/30/2016