Version 846 


  • New invoice list report>excellent report for followup calls on completed sales
    • Report\invoices\19 bill type invoice list option 2
Enhanced Dispatch Boards
      • F4 - corrected ability to change date in grid
  • F5 Start and stop dates include date and time
  • CTRIL +F4 Drag and Drop Work Order Dispatch
    • Display Day, Work week, full week, month and time line
    • Drag and drop work order to updated schedule date
    • Displays Route resources
  • CTRL+F4 Coming soon
    • Colored grid options
    • Drag and Drop resource assignment
    • Print options
    • Save form sizing and placement

  • F4 work order count moved to left
  • Line charge unit selection points to the correct pull down file
  • Bulk change reference file linkage updated
  • Individual grids now transport across machines