Enhanced Dispatch Boards

These boards can be activated on a user by user bases by going to \Admin\User setting and unchecking

  • Use legacy F4 
  • Use legacy F5
Link to:   List of Enhanced features OF Dispatch Grids F4 and F5

Link to:   Video on using F4 and F5 enhanced grids

Drag and Drop Calendar for Work Orders


You can start the new drag and drop calendar by pressing the CTRL  and  the F4 key at the same time  (CTRL+F4).  Here is a video tour of the many new features fo the Drag and Drop calendar. View only at this time. Next update will support actual drag and drop

Links to Video Library:  CTRL+F4

Report Enhancements

  • Site notes list report expanded to include date and time note enters
  • Service verification waster tracking report has a second option that prints data in data order. Reports\Dispatch\7 - Stop by Stop Tracking \20 - Waste tracking state and county

Fixed Items

  • Email customer address of the form "first.lastname@gmail.com"
  • Pull Down list not set correctly
    • Posting financial charges
  • When apply a single check against multiple invoices using the single check posting form. Get an error message display when note present on payment
  • Customer master search no longer had vertical scroll bar on far right side
  • Work order schedule date di dnot correctly deal with leap year 2/29/2016