Septic Reminders

TAC support three types of reminders for recurring service

  1. Notes
  2. Site reminder date with automatic interval advance upon invoicing of a rate code
  3. Standing orders to generate work orders. Usually for commercial accounts
Option 1 and 2 are the clerically less intensive with notes being the most flexible, but difficult to enforce. Reminder date is specifically designed for residential septic

You can enter a site note or a customer note that has a code e.g. REM = Reminder and date the note for when you want to be reminded.   use the description to enter details of the reminder

You can then retrieve a list of these notes using one of several methods
  • Report format   \ Reports \ Sites \ Notes \ Report 10 - Notes List
  • F11 and select code and date range to get a grid list.
  • Activate  Popup Reminders \Admin \ User setting \  Reminder for site notes and reminder for customer  notes. When you log in all sites with a note dates within number of days will popup in a list. Like F11 but automatic every day

Site Reminder Date
Used for reminders residential where you reach out to remind a customer and offer a discount to have tank pumped.  You can remind via phone, post card or form letters.  You can set on the site master page a reminder date and interval (yrs). This date can be automatically advanced by checking the pump rate codes in reference file 15 the interval in years on the site (Option to set default interval is available).

You can retrieval a list of sites for a specific reminder date range.
  • Any site report using search
  • Print labels, post cards and form letters using reminder date to select sites \Reports\sites\ Several options

Standing Orders
Standing orders are used principle for commercial accounts that have agree tha tyou should come and service the account and they will pay you. They can also be used as reminders for sales to call by setting the work order type to a code so you can use all the work order dispatching tools to manage internal calling.  Typical sales activity do not require this degree of control.  Exceptions to this are special events or seasonal business.

You can retrieve a list of contacts using several alternatives:
  • Generate the work orders and using all work order displaying tools and reports.  The standing order will auto advance to next date
  • Use the reports to get lists of standing orders and editing each standing order when the pump is completed so it has the next correct pump date.