Clear computing has chosen web applications over web stations. The business and technical reasons are significant

Bottom line web applications are:

  • Cheaper internet and hardware costs
  • Run on all equipment including your office PC/MAC
  • Faster
  • Are supported by industry trends to 5G

Web Stations

  1. Lower data usage requirements. One of the most expensive items in field applications is internet access
  2. Runs on any device that has a internet browser. Windows, Apple, MAC, Android,  book readers.  This allows the widest selection of devices to keep availability high and costs low
  3. Not limited to only portable devices. Work form office machines
  4. Is the same for every device. The browser handles the differences in operating systems and hardware
  5. Takes full advantage of  move to 5G witch has significant lower cost, higher availability and speeds. 
  6. Minimal training already trained on how to to use a browser

  1. Require significant more expensive hardware  to maintain memory and processor. Cannot use minimal hardware configuration
  2. More data usage 
  3. Every version of operating system and device requires a different version of the application that has to be updated and installed. Different devices may have different views
  4. Change management take longer because of the different version 
  5. Requires specific user training