Manage work assignments using a grid-like display and a drag-and-drop calendar.

Dispatching work orders is easy with our drag-and-drop calendar which supports both view and edit capabilities. View by day, week, month, or across selected days. Drag work items between routes that are displayed on the calendar at the same time.

Calendar showing unassigned work and routes 1W and 3W for one day.

In addition to managing work on the calendar, all applications also include a grid management tool with Google-like search, filtering, grouping, sorting, and in-line editing of key fields to manage ranges of work and standing orders. Great for start of week and month, and loading of resources e.g. routes.

Edit work order route and days/time assignments in a grid.

You can then use the calendar to fine-tune and move jobs into specific time slot order. You can set default time interval to 15, 30 minutes, 1 or 2 hours.

Open work order to see details.

This is a great benefit to business areas that use standing orders and work orders to manage the workload:

  • Black oil
  • Yellow oil
  • Liquid waste
  • Grease
  • Fuel delivery
  • Medical waste
  • Solid waste - C& D or roll offs

The calendar has many features so you can organize and control your work the way you want to. Features include:

View-only mode 

This allows all other users to see the scheduled work and the benefits of a calendar display, but not open the door to unintentional changes.

View Options 

Change calendar view to day, work week (M to F), week (all seven days), Month or any date range selected on a calendar. There is a two month mini calendar that you can highlight specific days you want to manage and the calendar immediately adjusts the display for the days selected.

The calendar displays work orders at the same time for any number of routes, across the days selected.  Makes it super-easy to view work assignments over 3-day weekends for special event planning.

  • Options
    • Set default time period to 15, 30 minutes, 1 or 2 hours.  Default is two hours.
    • Change start and end times of day, e.g., start day at 6am, end at 10 pm.
    • Work orders are color-coded based on status and work order type.
  • Print work order calendar view in several formats when paper needed
  • Electronically interworks with tablets, all changes real time
  • View work orders grouped by route and/or schedule date
  • Pending work order scheduling
    • Work orders that are not assigned to routes are in the far left column.
    • If no start time, then orders show up for scheduled date at top of day so than can be easy moved to a time slot.
  • Dispatch controls
    • Routes / resources to view can be added and subtracted through the display
      • Change start and end times by dragging on work order
      • Edit work order information in the calendar
      • Change assigned routes, dates and times by dragging work orders on scheduler to new route/date/time
      • View work order number, site number, work order type and status, and driver notes on calendar.