Contact and sales Activity Management 

Our Contact manager is based upon the sites and customer notes. These notes are the ones under the notes tab on the site and or customer. In the customer, where each tab rolls up the entries form the individual sites, the customer notes are the exception and are assigned and managed at the customer’s level. Features that are used in this area are

  • Reminder notes at login per user at site or customer 
  • Pop up notes on site or customer or site is accessed 
  • F11 site/customer search on owner, date, code and text of note. Like a dispatch board for notes. 
  • Print a note in letter format 
  • Email a note 
  • Analysis of report activity by clerk and code 
  • Sales lead tracking report based upon note activity

This allows sales people to manage daily calls and report activity and everyone else knows what is happening when they access the customer/site so they can assist in closing the sale.

How to use Notes 

Several options are available. The are as follows:

Profile or Important contacts

Add a popup note to site or customer and populate with specific information you want a person to immediately now when this site calls. 

Tracking Sales Contact Activity

Enter a note for each sales call. Make sure you code each note with the type of call. As an example:

  • SFUL – sales follow-up 
  • COLD – cold call 
  • RENEW – renewal of service 
  • EVAL – call checking on evaluation of service. 

Run report Reports \ Sites\Notes tab and enter date range of notes, print report 21 – Note activity analysis

Lead Progress Tracking

You run the report Reports \ Sites\Notes report 20 Sales Tracking Via Site Notes. This report prints the status on each site for 5 codes: the idea is to make sure all leads are followed up on. 

  • SQUAL – Quality of the sales lead. All SQUAL coded notes are printed in the report. 
  • SMEET – Note that a sales meeting took place. Only the date is printed on the report. 
  • SPROP – Proposal given to the customer. All SPROP notes are printed in the report. 
  • SPLAN – Sales plan to win this customer. All SPLAN notes are printed in the report. 
  • SFUP – Sales follow-up notes. Only the last SFUP note is printed in the report. 

You can filter the sites that are printed by clicking the button, “Expand Site Search” to sites for a specific sales team, market, etc.