Enhanced email - Bounce notification

Enhanced email is now available that has the following features:

1. Email notification to sender on first bounce (any reason an email cannot be delivered)

2. Additional attempts to same email will immediately fail

3. New work order form for mailing work orders

Please contact Live support o have your email switched to new service, Please allow 1-2 days for the scheduled change over

F5 - Service Dispatch Board operational

The new service dispatch board is operational. You can turn it on by going to \Admin\User setting\  

  • Unchecked box use legacy F5 setting
  • Click save

Features in Service Dispatch Board include:

  • Google-like search
  • Column filters
  • Column grouping
  • Multi-column filtering
  • Service verification tracking
  • One click link to site or customer master 
  • Much, much more
  • Coming soon
    • Google mapping of view
    • Service stop analysis

F4 - Work Order Dispatch board

  • Improved  changing individual work order line items
  • Corrected Update issue for very large grid displays of work orders