When checking the button on the right side of the service stop listing, the driver can now also add a note to the site and email the company. 

This allows the driver to quickly and easily indicate that they where at the service location, BUT additional conditions were encountered.

Web Service Verifcation plus site note

The tool bar options are

  • Check mark   = Updates F5 Service Dispatch and checks stop as completed
  • Check with + =  Same as check and opens a form to populate a site note with a driver note DN that you set in reference file 89 and an additional text describing additional information about the service.  
  • Envelope       = Update F5 and send a predefined marketing message to the customer that the unit has been serviced. This email contains a marketing message and date, time lat/long at time of service

Some examples are:(driver note must start with "DN")

DNGRP  = Service competed and graphitti on the unit 

DNFOT   = Foreign objects in tank

DNBLK   = Cleaned unit but could not pump tank, blocked

DNBOF   = Bin over filled

This note can then be either

  • Added to the site notes
  • Added to site notes and emailed to operations for their action

This support the back office to Use F11 and pull all notes for the day or act on the email to keep customer advised or create an extra billing due to conditions the driver found