TAC offers several different sets of tools for production tracking. They are designed to minimize clerical effort and costs associated with monitoring operations so that the back office knows what work is being completed and to minimize time and effort on the part of the driver to keep his/her status updated.

Monitoring and Driver reporting

  • End of day service route production, labor reporting
  • End of day back office updates for hours and revenue when 

  • Manually update hours on individual work order

  • Work order converted to invoice

  • Dispatch boards that display both back office and real time driver updates using tablets

  • Service Dispatch Board (F5)

  • Work order Dispatch Board (F4)

  • Web field stations for both service and work order operations

  • Analysis reporting

    TAC offers levels of reporting and analysis so company management can monitor driver and business center profitability and productivity

    • Business Intelligence Dashboard (BID) - Graphical analysis of both service routes and work order completions
    • Reports \ Dispatch \ Service routes \ tab 4 - Production tracking - Series of reports to monitor and report key operations for fixed service routes. Report options range from simple audit lists to grouping and summary by route driver with key ratios
    • Reports \ Dispatch \ Service routes \ tab 4 - Production tracking - work orders - Series of reports to monitor and report profitability by individual work order and summary by driver and route. Profit analysis by 
      • Market
      • Customer
      • Service location
      • Driver
      • Individual work order