Recording sales at end of each month is very simple.


  1. Create a customer in Quickbooks with your company name, e.g. “Ace Services”

  2. Create a line item codes, non inventory

    1. Taxable

    2. Non-taxable

  3. Enter an invoice dated last day of the previous month that you want to start, e.g.,12/31/2014 that has the total A/R monies owed to you by all your customers for “Ace Services’

Step by step


Most companies track income using market segments to identify where the monies are coming from. Costing or productivity analysis uses either job costing for spot checks on jobs or time and motion studies, e.g., cost per hour to determine the cost of doing business in specific business areas e.g., Delivery, service, Order taking, etc.

In this step by step the examples are by Account or market and division.

  1. Print Summary report of all sales for the month 1/1/2015 to 12/31/2015

    1. Report\Financial\Sales

    2. Set search for last month first to the last day of the month ,e.g., 12/1/2015 to 12/31/2015

    3. Click search

    4. 11 - Market analysis option

      1. 1- market

      2. 2 - summary code used in account or market reference file 06

  2. Create an invoice for the last day of the month that details sales for the month for each division\market you are tracking. Smaller to medium size companies simply enter total sales

    1. Taxable

    2. Non- taxable

  3. Done