Setting up TAC on your iPad

Three simple steps

1. Download and install app

2. Add server connection

3. Configure gateway

1.0  Download and install app

Start by logging into the App Store or Google Play and downloading Microsoft Remote Desktop. Search for "Microsoft Remote Desktop"

This is a free app. Allow it to download and install.

2.0  Add server

Once it has done so. Tap New Remote Desktop Connection.

Using the plus symbol click on Add PC or Server 

In the PC name field enter 

Next Add User name - this will be your remote desktop login issued by Clear Computing Example: 

Password - also issued by Clear Computing 

3.0 Configure Gateway

Next Tap Settings 

Tap Gateway 

Tap Add Remote Desktop Gateway 

In the Server Name enter 

In the User Name make sure it states use connection credentials 

Click Save 


You can now use you iPad for TAC Online.