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Driver's scanning app to track service.


  • Web service station activated for driver

  • Populate reference file 89 with scanner note code starts with “SN”

    • SND = Delivery

    • SNP = pickup

    • SNS = Service

    • etc.

  • Print bar code

    • Serial number in barcode 39

    • If no bar code, driver can manually enter serial number

    • Reports\Inventory

      • One division code

      • Modify label prompts in reference file 0R2 codes 

      • 7273, 7274,7275, 7276

      • Report 40

        • qr code

        • bar code

        • export to excel

  • Purchase and download for each driver - Pic2shop pro

    • application from marketplace or app store

    • Installed on the device that is being used as a scanner (tablet or smartphone)

    Activate Driver Station

    Print this document for each driver. Is a step by step to install and activate scanner.

    How to use overview


    1. Click on pic2ShopPro on either tablet or smart phone that has scanner installed

    2. opens a login screen and may ask to track your location, you must say yes to track location. Use driver login and password

    3, on an apple device click on camera. Red line will appear. Hold device horizontally and position over  bar code and once recognized with automatically scan it

    4. In next form select activity  and click check