General Setup Steps

Do the following on any new tablet

  • Tablet setting turn on
    • Turn tablet off and then on again (Power totally off)
    • Cookies
    • Location
    • Set autolock - Never (this keeps tablet always available
  • Go to the selected book mark and sign in.

Mounting Tablet in vehicle

 Some Products work better than others depending on the vehicle and device in use.  Some people able to use the Suction Mounts, some cant due to Physical restrictions or some trucks don't work due to obstructing the driver's view.   


Some use these Stands, which bolt into the Chair  (this one is similar to how the Police mount laptops in the vehicles), these too also depend on the type of truck, as the bolt it connects to may not be right / proper location.  


In all honesty, there was only one thing that all of these companies seem to agree on, and that is the Brand. 


You will need to get someone who is knowledgeable ab out the trucks they are using, and they may need to try a couple and evaluate before making major decisions.  

Web Service Station

In order for the web service station to display the correct route and work orders for a driver the following steps need to be completed in TAC

Service Routes

Go to reference file 32 and Create a entry as follows

  1. code is route number followed by route  day eg route 6 Monday is 6M
  2. In the description field enter the driver login e.g. driver1 and any other information you want
  3. Under the description populate the route and route day 6 and M

When you log on the tablet it will automatically display all routes for "driver1"

Work Orders

To have work orders on the tablet do the following

  • Go to reference file 32 and enter a route code "DRIVER1" 
  • On the work order enter the route code "DRIVER1" in the route field
Separate route for work orders
Work order will now appear on the route "driver1" in date, stop order. 

Service route to show assigned work orders
If you use the route code for the service route, it will show up on the service route