Total Activity Control - The Best Software for Collection of Grease - Yellow Oil - Black Oil - Bio-Fuel

We have the features you need to succeed in this growing industry!

Customer Ranking
• Ordered ranking of customers based on volumes pumped
• ID non-productive sites
• Forecasting

Multiple Ways to Manage Work
• Manual entry
• Standing orders for periodic service (days, weeks, month, year intervals)
• Fixed service route work order generation

Create and Optimize Service Routes
• Shortest distance to existing job for both existing service routes and work orders
• Detailed street-level map for last-mile directions

Manage Documents
• Store signed images digitally

Documents for Trap Management
• Work orders
• Drivers route sheet

Production Reporting
Profit by Work Order, Driver, Site, Customer and Market Segment
• Actual labor hours and disposal cost based upon landfill processing cost per unit
• Rate analysis by site
• Driver and Route Production reporting in sales dollar and quantities

Customizable (Your Company, Your Way, Anytime, Anywhere)
• Set up rates in special customer price books
• Invoices – Over 30 customizable options
• Work Orders – Over 20 customizable options including adding your own layout
• Set font, color and grid arrangements to suit job function and user preferences

Seamless Integration with
• Credit card processing
• Caller ID
• In-vehicle Garmin updates
• Real-time Vehicle Tracking (GPS)
• Real-time production reporting

We understand the specialized needs of your business and we have built our reputation on our excellent customer service, both before and after the sale.

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