Check out our great features for Portable Restroom Rental and Service!

No more lost units! Bill for all the services you provide!

TAc Online has all the features portable restroom rental businesses need to improve efficiency and increase billings. Here are just a few of the reasons why portable toilet rental businesses choose Clear Computing:

  • We support all known invoicing methods for recurring invoicing.
  • Super-fast customer locator with over 60 ways to look up a customer.
  • We handle serial and non-serial number inventory.
  • Inventory management which can be linked to invoicing.
  • Full set of service routing tools that support regular servicing of units.
  • Automatic creation of pickup ticket.
  • Recommended service routes.
  • Recommend date of delivery to minimize utility runs.
  • Single or multiple invoice surcharges, either a percentage or a fixed amount.
  • Invoices automatically created out of work orders in just a single click!
  • Mapping tools to verify locations when orders are placed, and give drivers stop-to-stop driving directions for the entire route.