Clear Web Station Update

Web stations have been enhanced to include more information and control options.

  • Faster response time
  • Grid layouts now saved between browsers and machines
  • See below for details on
    • Web Sales station
    • Business Intelligence Dashboard (BID)

Web Sales Station

Notes search

Allows you to select and go directly to a site or customer location directly form the note

F7 search that include

  • Invoices
  • Work order
  • Unit serial number
  • Site number
  • Customer number
  • Major expansion of information available to sales. Included
  • Invoices
  • Line item charges
  • Payments
  • Service stops
  • Equipment
  • Units
  • Standing orders
  • Work orders
  • Site and customer notes

Enhanced tool options:

New context tool option on charges tab supports:

  • Creation of line charges
  • Editing line charges
  • Delete unassigned ling charges
  • Creating from open line charges
  • Create
  • Proposals
  • Invoices
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Web Business Intelligence Dashboard (BID)

List of improvements with this release include:

Display updated for clearer text with easier to read fonts

New Chart \ Dashboard \ Collections management \ Receivable status

Supplies a three year comparison on monies received with MTD and YTD for current year. Option include

  • Click on year and see details of posted payments
  • Post card display for
    • Current and 30 day due with details
    • Today collections
    • Yesterday
    • This week

New Chart \ Dashboard \ Customer \ Multi Customer activity


  • New tool Dashboard parameter – enter part of a customer name and the results now display all customer that contain entered characters. Great tool for combining sales for multiple customers
  • Post card displays balances owed including
    • Future
    • Current
    • 30
    • 60
    • 90 Total Due
  • Number active sites
  • Charted sales for lat three years
  • Charted sales for last three month