TAC OnLine Version 803

Duplicate Site Check Box

Divisional default to have all check boxes checked automatically when adding a site.

Set the division check box in Admin/system setting / Company / tab 5 - Cross divisional setting / Duplicate all site fields by default

Start of Day - Customer and site notes popup

Removed display of formatting characters in customer notes when more then one note present

Duplicate Work Order

User option Admin\User setting\ Check box Duplicate work orders one at a time

Site Master

When creating manual customer numbers, division code as set to blank resulting in possible lost site. Checks for blanks

Financial Line charges

Expanded to handle 1 million per line item

F5 display Mapping site code (MCL)

The method that a site is mapped is now displayed

  • G=google
  • W= web station
  • 1 = Map point street address


Automatically removed none printable characters on address when added by cutting and pasting form work or Quick books