Either through organic growth (one customer at a time) or buying another company there are alternatives so you can manage using TAC On Line. IF acquiring a compnay that zone of service is remote e.g. typically more then 50 miles from current dispatch yard, It is more efficient to for trucks and equipment to be supported at a remote yard and still keep all customer support at a central location


In general it is better to combine into same database to gain efficenties in

  • Common back office staff
  • Common Call centers for customer support
  • Common service fleet
  • Enforcement of common business practices
  • Reporting tools are same and offer individual and cross divisional summaries

Combined in same database with a different Division or Market code


  • Want to maintain company identity by having separate logo and company name , etc on document
  • Run financial and analysis reports across markets for that company's customers
  • Use common operational fleet to provide service


  • Still want to track revenue for acquisition

Combine into a separate database

  • Operate as an independent location with own staff, etc
  • Plan to sell off
  • Security concerns for back office staff with access to “All” divisions.