Putting a Customer Site on a Service Route

  1. The customer and site or service location needs to be placed onto a service route so that the unit can be cleaned. Start with the Customer Master Screen. Add or locate your customer. Then add or go to the site/service location.
  2. In the Site Master select the Service Stop tab. Right click in the grid and select Add and the service stop form will be displayed. This form is used to enter a route number, day of week for service, i.e., M=Monday, T=Tuesday, and stop number.
  3. The computer can be used to help select a route for this customer by clicking on the search icon next to the route number
  4. The Routing Search screen is now displayed. This screen allows you to look up existing routes which may be a good choice for this customer’s service. By clicking on the distance column, the nearest service stop on an existing route will be at the top of the gird. Double click to select the nearest service route stop and the form will now have the same route, route day and stop number.
  5. The stop number is now the same stop number as an existing customer. You can set this stop to 0 to indicate to the driver that it is a new stop. This also allows the driver to decide the best stop for this new service, which he can write on the service route listing and return at the end of the day. (NOTE: if you are using a basic dispatch station, the route optimizing tool will renumber the stop for you automatically)
  6. Select the Save button on the form to add this stop to the route. Select the Done button to close this window.

Maintaining Service Routes

To maintain service routes, go to the Main Menu and select the Dispatch /Dispatch Board/Service stops (F5) or press F5 . This pops up a Service Stop Search form. Select the route you wish to maintain by selecting the route radio button and then selecting the route from the pick list and clicking the Search command button The Edit tab will be populated with the selected route . The route details are listed in stop number order with site information. Using the arrow keys, you can move around the fields on this grid. For any site location listed, you can change any column that has a column heading in yellow. For example, you can change the stop number of a new site to place the service in a new order on the route. When done making changes, click the Diskette image on the top of the Dispatch Board to save the modifications. Renumbering can also be done from this screen. Click on any line with the left and right mouse buttons to display an action menu and select renumber option.

Print the Service Route Listing

To print the service route listing to give to the driver, left/right click and select report from the action menu. This will bring up the Reports form, set on the Service Stop tab. Select the Route and the double click on the report format you want to print.